The treasury department is headed by the Director General of Treasury and its various functions are further delegated to three key officials, which are as follows:

Directorate of Payments

The Director of Payments is responsible for handling operational and development budget reimbursements as well handling the payroll payment for the line ministries. This is classified into three divisions:

  1. Operating Budget Payment
  2. Development Budget Payment
  3. Verified Payroll Program

The main purpose is to process the operational and development budget reimbursement and payroll payment timely and accurately. This department ensures primary interface with the suppliers of goods and services to the GoIRA.

Directorate of Accounting

The Director of Accounting is responsible for Reporting of Central Accounts, Coordinating between Ministries and Controllers. This directorate ensures primary interface with internal financial and accounting operations of the GoIRA. This directorate ensures accounting records in order, up-to-date and compliance with GoIRA regulations. The units working under this directorate are as follow:

  1. Reporting
  2. Central Accounts
  3. Ministry Coordination Controller
  4. Bank Reconciliation
  5. Mustofiats Coordination
  6. Accounting Guidance

It is also responsible for oversight and controlling of accounting records for the following:

  • Provinces
  • Ministries
  • Mustofiats
  • Revenue

Directorate of Development and Expansion of Financial Affairs

The Director of Finance and Development is responsible for developing regulations, Cash and Debt Management, maintenance of Afghanistan Financial Management System (AFMIS) and coordinating with the Mustofiats (Provincial Treasury Offices). This directorate ensures primary interface with budget DG, payroll processing and AFMIS system maintenance.

  1. Allotments and Commitments Unit
  2. Cash and Debt Management
  3. IT-Afghanistan Financial Management Information System (A FMIS )

This department ensures that the budget execution occurs in compliance with approved budget, AFMIS is stable and performing according to intent and Payroll payments are complainant with regulations.

It is also responsible for oversight of compliance of budget execution to approved budget, maintenance of AFMIS systems and compliant payroll systems and processes.