Accounting Directorate

Mr. Muhammad Naeem Hameed is born in 1967 in Kareez village Kabul. He completed the intermediate school in Durkhanay School.

In year 1983 has got baccalaureate degree from Naderia high school Kabul and in 2001 he was graduated from Kabul University. Beside continuing governmental services  he Successfully obtained degree Master from Washington university.

Mr. Muhammad Naeem Hameed started his career with Ministry of Finance, with (Bedding Point) Project  as a Financial advisor. In year 2003 he stepped to governmental framework as head of Mustofiats coordinator and in 2009 through a competitive process by Civil Service Commission and Administrative Reform was appointed as Director for Accounting.

In order to gain technical and professional skills he participated several workshops, seminars, within country as well as out of country. In 2010 toke part in UNITAR fellowship program for eight months also actively participated making budget for Gender workshop

During his 13 years of service in Mof he has a several achievements. We would like to point out some of them.

  • Updating Accounting Manual for Government of Afghanistan, approved by H.E. Minister of Finance, 2011
  • Member of Committee for Presidential Palace (ARG) security services
  • Preparing new format of Qatia (Annual Financial Statement) approved by H.E. Minister of Finance
  • Preparing and Submitting Qatia (Annual Financial Statement)  to the parliament
  • Providing Number of Trainings and Workshops to Mustofiats, Line Ministries and Donors about Government Accounting and Financial issues.
  • Each year review and approving unpaid expenditures of last year for all Line Ministries and Budgetary entities
  • Member of the committee for recruitment of new government staffs for Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance
  • Establishing regular reporting cycle for MoF clients
  • Representing MoF in number of meetings

Despite having above-mentioned activities Mr. Muhammad Naeem Hameed has done audit and evaluation too, such as provincial budgeting, Currency auction and its effect on the exchange rate market, The Impact of Foreign Interest Rate on the Economy, Globalization and its General impact on Developing Countries.