Payments Directorate

Mr. Muhammad Arif Musazai was born in Mir Bacha Koot distract of Kabul Provence. He started secondary school in Mir Bacha Khan high School and graduated from mentioned school.

In 1971 he started work as a civil servant in directorate Contention of Malaria with Ministry of Health. Meanwhile started higher education in Institute of Industry and Management in 1973 and obtained his graduation diploma from this institute in 1976.

He joined Directorate General Treasury, Ministry of Finance in 1976 as a civil Servant for the purpose of delivering services to the public. Afterward has worked in deferent positions in MoF such as, Payment Manager with DGT, General Manager for budget analyzing, Manager for internal budget, Manager for  eastern zone budget, Manager for recording accounting issues Director Accounting, Control Manager for Radio and Television,  Control Manager with Ministry of Commerce, Manager for Construction and Transport of Enterprises, Acting as Director of Construction Enterprises, Manager for payment department with Directorate General Treasury, General Manager for payment with DGT, Assistant and acting Director for Internal Audit etc. In 2007 Mr. Musazai served as an Operational  Assistant for Accounting Directorate, and finally in 2009 Joined Directorate Payments  through a competitive process by Civil Service Commission and Administrative Reform.

During his services he achieved huge scale of operational and technical professions by participating internal and external (out of country) workshops, Seminars and trainings. For example, Seminar for Self Sufficiency and self recruiting in Haidarabad India, Seminar for Senior Leadership in Berlin Aleman, Participation in UNITAR Fellowship Japan, visiting Iran for watching its Ministerial Departments and visits Japan as a high ranking Official delegation for opening ceremony of (ganjina-e-Bakhter) Drama.

Muhamad Arif Musazai, also gained appreciation letters 8 times and one best appreciation letter by decree number 5140 dated 31 October 2012 of Afghanistan president.

It is worth mention that Muhammad Arif Musazia is a permanent representative of MoF for Da Afghanistan Bank.