Human Resource Capacity Development Project (HRCDP)  

Human Resource Capacity Development Project (HRCDP) was established in 2008 with financial support of World Bank under the Directorate General Treasury Ministry of Finance. The approach of project is based on  training plans prepared for department staff in headquarters, financial management staff in line ministries and mustofiats (provincial offices of the MoF) to  identify priority modules of basic skills, technical skills and job-specific skills.

Building the capacity of civil servant for the purpose of providing best level services to the clients, to develop the sense of self sufficiency and self reliance in the accounting and technical field or to reduce reliance on foreign advisors, are the preferred priorities of treasury.   

The core objectives of the project are as follow:

·         Developing operational skills technical skills and improving the educational level of the treasury staff in head quarter and provinces

·         Establishment of training centers in zone base

·         Building internal and external communication between Treasury Department and line directorates of MoF, Mustaofiats and other governmental and private sectors

·         Conducting workshops, seminars and courses in the field of accounting manual, chart of account, preparation of qatia, implementation of new modules and training on AFMIS (Afghanistan Financial Management Information System)

·         Preparation, implementation and training of Treasury rules, regulations and procedures


Furthermore, the project insures that following activities are also taking place:

·         The internal control framework, supported by financial procedures, is clearly understood by key staff across the finance function of Government

·         Reforms implemented are clearly communicated to employees

·         Key financial information is available across government, civil society and media


 It is worth mention that recently 68 civil servant employees of Ministry of finance have been received their bachelor and master degrees from private universities with the financial support of HRCDP. The project is also paying for more than 400 civil servant employees on central Treasury and Mustofiats pursuing their higher education.